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God has called His church into the whole world to bring the whole Gospel of His salvation through Jesus Christ. Just because ours is a small church in the eyes of men is no excuse for us to shirk His invitation to follow Him. We intend to take the Gospel seriously.

Because our world is a lot smaller today, churches are capable of touching the nations with the love of God. Our adults, children, and teens all have a part in our church's response. In recent years, we have ministered in Japan, Australia, Solomon Islands, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lithuania, Brazil, Honduras, and Mongolia. Our church is committed to investing at least a tithe of our annual budget in supporting our faith missionaries, our denomination's international ministries, as well as our more local outreach efforts.

the Chanya family

Stephen and Celeste Chanya (Richard) are full time missionaries to the country of Malawi: "The warm heart of Africa." They are a family based ministry and their motto is, "what they do they do together."

Stephen was born in Musuku, Malawi and his parents still reside where he grew up. Stephen's dad became one of the first born again Christians in this area, and he is now pastoring the first church in Chanya, Musuku.  In the Tumbuka language Chanya means heaven and is named so because the area is so beautiful.

Celeste has been in the country of Malawi for eight years traveling, helping with children's ministry, and training pastors. She met Stephen while teaching at  Bible College and they where married in August, 2006. They have been blessed with a son, Andrew.

Stephen is the campus pastor and they both teach at a local satellite Bible College in Chitipa, Malawi. The family travels to local (12-15 km) churches encouraging and equipping local congregations.  They also travel extensively throughout Malawi (up to 700 km) participating in evangelistic meetings.

Their family's overarching vision and largest undertaking is to have a children's home on the 4.5 acres of land that God  has already provided for that purpose.

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P.O. Box 96, Chitipa, Malawi, Africa

the da Silva family Jardel Da Silva and his family work in Chiang Rai, Thailand, serving with YWAM there. Visit Jardel's blog for information and updates.

Asean to Christ (Association of Southeast Asia Nations)

July 2014

Grace and Peace in our Lord Jesus Christ!

We are grateful to God for your life and for the blessing you have being to us in this journey in Missions. Many things the Lord has done and will do even greater things here in Asia.

We have  been in Mongolia for a week with the Pastors, Josue Brepohl, Charles Klock and Imanuel Brepohl. We visited the churches witch we have worked for a few years. We had a great time in Bayankhongor and in Ulaambaatar with our friends, pastors and leaders. We were blessed by their love and hospitality. 

We had a blessing time with our Mongolian brothers and sisters. After ministering about cell groups and One on One discipleship, we  traveled to the countryside of Mongolia, rode horses, camels, yaks, slept in a Ger/Yurt, etc ... it was very clear to us all that I (Jardel or as a family), we should try go to Mongolia at least every 6 months to maintain a closer relationship with our beloved friends, pastors and leaders there.

Here in Thailand we went through a period of many spiritual struggles, dreams about demons and attacks in the area of ​​health etc ... Caleb was very sick, not eating, drinking or sleep. Thank God we have had victories but there are many things still to be overcome. We count on your prayers ...

We are studying the Thai language and I confess that for a few months I had given up on learning. I had many difficulties in the beginning and I got discouraged on the way. My teacher came to me two weeks ago and said she wanted to ask me for forgiveness for when I started taking lessons with her, she said that she was very stressed due to an illness and did not treated me well in that period. After she came to me I believe something was broken and now I'm loving my Thai classes and soon in the name of Jesus I will be speaking this language and will be able to share about Jesus in Thai language. In Jesus Name... 

Many things have changed here in Thailand since the military take over. One of them were for foreigners to get tourist VISAS. Well, for us it didn't change much, because we were already looking into some options to change our visa status to a Non Immigrant or student Visa.  But we need your prayers, that God may show us in a very clear direction and give us peace in which VISA to apply for!

A few months ago we started a service in our house in Portuguese for Brazilians who plays / works for one of the City's team. Now we have being doing the services on the place we rented for BIFA (Brazilian Intl Football academy).  Some missionaries and other foreigners began to join us. Now the service is not in Portuguese but in English with translation into Thai.  We are still a small group, but together we worship God, pray and look for ways to reach people for Jesus. We are giving soccer lessons twice a week at a school near here. We have a group of 30 students.  There is a very big spiritual battle here. People look apparently well, but live in great darkness.  We need your prayers ...

God Bless you and thank you for being with us all these years. 

With Love in Christ, 

Jardel, Inez, Joshua, Emily and Caleb

de la Cour family

After ministering together in Japan for thirty years, Stan and Faith are building on their experience from the SIM USA home office in Charlotte, NC, connecting God's people to God's work in the world. Faith is the Director of Member Care for SIM USA, leading the department that is committed to helping the more than 700 SIM missionaries serving in over 65 countries flourish both on the field and on Home Assignment.  Stan serves in the Church Partnership Department, cultivating church relationships for SIM within the Charlotte area, as well as churches with a particular interest in Japan, and African-American churches wanting to send Gospel Choirs to Asia for an evangelistic outreach.

http://thedelacourier.blogspot.com/p/how-to-support-de-la-cours-ministry.html www.delacourier.com

Contact Information:
De La Cours
P. O. Box 7900
Charlotte, NC 28249-7900

Timber LeechTimber Leech is a landscaper by occupation and a World Christian by avocation and passion. During his off-season (northern hemisphere winter), Timber enjoys traveling internationally to assist missions and missionaries with hands-on carpentry, repairs, and maintenance help. On January 30, 2012, Tim left for the Sendai area of Japan to be a much-needed volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse, in the reconstruction of the area devastated by the March 11, 2011 tsunami and earthquake.

On March 11, the first anniversary of the disaster, Tim gave a presentation about his work with Samaritan’s Purse. You can listen to his talk here. (It starts out really quiet, then gets much more audible about 20 seconds in!)

  • We are very thankful for the four pastors that at enroll in the Seminary, and your church has a great part in it. At this point we have 24 churches in three areas of the country: at the South, North and East-West.
  • The Newman School has this (second) year 43 kids grades from kindergarten through 4th grade.
  • Our churches are doing well winning many others for the Lord's kingdom.
  • This coming month we are going to have with us a Medical Team (from many States) working among the poorest people in Honduras from Sept. 7 - 15. Please pray for us.
  • Please visit our website for more information about our ministry.
  • Next year we are planning to start the construction of the Missionary house/guesthouse.

Thank you so much for your faithful support to our ministry.

Hector Newman, Executive Director

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Thank you and God Bless!

Roberta Peabody

Evangelical Alliance Mission

1-13-2-B Shinho-cho,Higashi Kurume City, Tokyo 203-0002. JAPAN
email: fujinote@gmail.com
cell: 090-4167-3329 (Softbank)
Skype: rjpnovember
Direct dial from US: 1-978-730-5556

Roberta Peabody grew up in Templeton, Massachusetts, and was a member of Pastor Ed’s first church, First Baptist Church of Baldwinville.  While in college, Roberta first sensed God’s call to serve in mission. She has worked with CRASH (Christian Relief Assistance Support and Hope) in Japan since March 11, 2011.

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