First Baptist Church of Pocasset

A Safe Harbor for You

February 18-24, 2018

Dear Friends,

I was encouraged the other day when I read Psalm 75:3 where God says, "When the earth quakes and its people live in turmoil, I am the one who keeps its foundations firm." We serve a God who is Lord of history, who is working all things toward His desired purpose. When I hear news of growing instability in the world's political arena or its financial markets or its social contexts I am reminded that God is providential and is keeping our foundations secure. Even when we face personal crisis's and challenges we can entrust our lives and well-being to the Lord who cares for us. He is our refuge and safe harbor!

On Tuesday nights at 7:30 PM we meet first to pray and then to study the Bible together. All are welcome to join us as we seek to know and do the Word and Will of God. The men are studying the Book of Acts and the women are studying the Gospel of John.

The Wednesday Morning Bible Study is studying the book Her Name Is Woman, Vol. 2 by Gien Karssen. The Bible study meets at 10:00 AM.

Message -- Pastor Ed de la Cour
We typically don't do a really good job of taking care of ourselves. This is especially true of the way we treat ourselves spiritually. For this Sunday, please read Lamentations 3: 22 - 24, and think about how hard it must have been for Jeremiah to write those words - and believe them - as Jerusalem was under siege. Believers who must face daily pain, persistent sickness, persecution, or any kind of daily discouragement have to be strong, or they won't survive. Do you know how to strengthen yourself?


This week we will focus our prayer for Monument Beach. Pray for our church family who live in Monument Beach that they would be a light for the gospel and for those who live in Monument Beach for God to draw them to Jesus. Let's believe Him for a move of the Holy Spirit!

The African Children's Choir will be performing at 7:00 PM on Friday evening, February 23rd at the New Testament Church. This children's choir is comprised of children from seven African nations who have experienced the trauma and tragedy of war among other difficulties. They are a world renown choir on a US tour. Admission is free and a free offering will be received for their ministry.

The second annual Thrive Conference -- a gathering of hundreds of people from churches across Cape Cod -- is scheduled for Friday -- Saturday, March 9, 10. Keynote speakers include Gordon MacDonald and Clive Calver. Breakout sessions dealing with church ministry are on Friday afternoon while Saturday will focus on ministry into the community. For more information and to register go to or call 508-540-6884. Let's plan to go and join the conversation.

Pray for One: Ask God to show you who is your person of peace and pray for them. Pray that God gives you an opportunity to share Jesus story with them.

Nursery on Sunday: Bob Reali
Next Fellowship Lunch hosts: Rick and Ely Fisher

Thank you for your faithfulness in bringing bread each Sunday for the Bourne Friends Food Pantry!

If you have announcements for the newsletter or the bulletin, please contact Glenn at You may also text message or call him at 774-368-0980.

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MISSION: The First Baptist Church of Pocasset exists to reveal the saving love of Jesus Christ as a Safe Harbor.

VISION: Through the ministry of our church and to fulfill the will of God for the Upper Cape, we believe that God will draw fifty people into His transforming love within the next two years. This will be accomplished through our ministry to the Recovery Community; through the active sharing of our faith in Christ by interacting with people in our lives; and, through mobilizing our church to pray for the harvest.

This is a church where you can come as you are. Real life. Real people. They are just trying to be like Jesus. If you are hurting and broken this is the place for you.

Bill Nicoson,
Visiting pastor