First Baptist Church of Pocasset

A Safe Harbor for You

October 15-21, 2017

Dear Friends,

This coming week we will welcome two guests. The first is Karol Joseph who is a missionary with Jews for Jesus. She will be speaking this Sunday morning on the fall feasts of Israel. Jews for Jesus is an organization with a mission to reach other Jews with the good news of Jesus. They also help the church to understand the background of the Israel in scripture.

Our second guest is Dr. John Kimball who will join us on Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM for a follow up discussion on the seminars he has lead for us. We will move our regular Bible study from Tuesday to Wednesday for next week.

Our regular Tuesday night Bible Study will be moved to Wednesday, October 18 next week in order to meet with Dr. John Kimball.

The Wednesday Morning Bible Study is studying the book Her Name Is Woman, Vol. 1 by Gien Karssen. The Bible study meets at 10:00 AM.

Sunday's Message -- Karol Joseph, Jews for Jesus Missionary

As part of the worship pattern of Old Testament Israel, God prescribed certain times for Israel to gather as a nation to celebrate and worship the Lord. These feasts like Passover, and the Feast of Tabernacles have specific meaning in relation to God's deliverance and provision for them. They also look forward to a greater fulfillment in Jesus. Karol Joseph, a missionary with Jews for Jesus, will be teaching us about the feasts that occur during the fall including Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. It is amazing that our Lord would give us such a rich backdrop for the ministry of our Lord Jesus. Come on Sunday and learn more about the feasts of Israel.


This week we will focus our prayer for the town of Falmouth. Pray for those who live in Falmouth for God to draw them to Jesus. Let's believe Him for a move of the Holy Spirit!

On Wednesday, October 18th Pastor John Kimball will be here for an informal meeting with our church. Pastor John has led us in several seminars via Skype and has been helping us develop a long-term ministry plan. We will shift the Bible study from Tuesday night to Wednesday night that week so everyone can have an opportunity to meet with John. We will meet at 7:00 PM at a place to be determined. Please set aside this time and join us in our discussion of God's future for us.

Muslim Convert to Speak: Samaa Habib, author of the book Face to Face with Jesus, will share her testimony of her supernatural encounters with God and her commission to proclaim the good news of Christ on Friday, October 13th at The New Testament Church in Cedarville. As a Christian convert from Islam, Samaa encourages believers to fall in love with Jesus and burn for Him, sharing His love with their neighbors and even with their enemies.

Pray for One: Ask God to give you one person to pray for that they may come to faith in Jesus. Pray that God gives you an opportunity to share Jesus story with them.

Nursery on Sunday: Tim and Amy Leech

Hosts for our next Fellowship Lunch (10/15): Bob and Margaret Reali

Thank you for your faithfulness in bringing bread each Sunday for the Bourne Friends Food Pantry!

If you have announcements for the newsletter or the bulletin, please contact Glenn at . You may also text message or call him at 774-368-0980.

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Sunday, October 15

Tuesday, October 17

Wednesday, October 18

Thursday, October 19

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MISSION: The First Baptist Church of Pocasset exists to reveal the saving love of Jesus Christ as a Safe Harbor.

VISION: Through the ministry of our church and to fulfill the will of God for the Upper Cape, we believe that God will draw fifty people into His transforming love within the next two years. This will be accomplished through our ministry to the Recovery Community; through the active sharing of our faith in Christ by interacting with people in our lives; and, through mobilizing our church to pray for the harvest.

This is a church where you can come as you are. Real life. Real people. They are just trying to be like Jesus. If you are hurting and broken this is the place for you.

Bill Nicoson,
Visiting pastor